Explore our GAITERSFASHION. collection, designed by renowned German fashion designer Romy Kraft.

New to North America! Sold exclusively here!

Romy Kraft brings different materials and her cultural and personal influence to create this distinct and exciting product which will enable you to make a cutting – edge fashion statement that will get you noticed!!

Our gaiters have been designed with the utmost attention to detail, are extremely durable and do not lose their original shape upon washing because we craft them by hand and use the best imported materials from Europe.

They are produced with high quality material, unusual fabrics, hand executed techniques and sewn with extreme attention to detail to further increase value to you. We feature high quality workmanship and a highly functional closure system to ensure the product fits, looks and feels amazing!!  We bring out new styles and designs every season to avoid duplication because we care about our customers’ uniqueness and strictly adhere to our policy of continuous innovation to provide new products for our customers, who value the distinctiveness of limited edition products.

Gaiters are extremely comfortable, versatile and reversible so that different looks can be obtained with one pair of gaiters.  They are easily removable, eye-catching and will make you stand out in the crowd.

They fit all sizes of foot and shoe and enhance any ensemble.  Anyone who knows about good taste, class, and panache will want to be seen in FASHIONGAITERS.


Fashionistas – Take notice!! Gaiters are trending and they are hear to stay!!

The Gaiter mania that is sweeping across Europe is just about to hit  Canada and the U.S.

We have gaiters for all seasons, styles and occasions.  We love class and good fashion sense and are very proud to share this amazing product and its astounding results with you.


  • “Women’s Fashion which I love…”

  • “Gaiters maximize the impact of my outfit!”

  • “I am always the star of my show when I couple my outfit with my gaiters…”

  • “I am on trend – Inside and outside!!”

  • “Any Outfit, Any mood, Anytime ……….I get noticed”

  • “I love the idea and added a fun pop of color to my shoes – fantastic…”

  • “Romy’s Gaiters. Awesome for flats and heels in the winter months. Need these!”


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