What Are The Advantages Of Using Nylon Makeup Bags?

Custom nylon cosmetic bags might be the solution if you seek a promotional product that can boost your brand in an environmentally responsible and ethical way.

Beneficial To The Environments It Inhabits

Most cosmetic bags purchased nowadays are constructed from artificial materials like polyester. These synthetic fibres, produced from crude oil, have a biodegradation time measured in hundreds of years. As a consequence of this, they leave behind a world that is covered with tiny pieces of plastic. Microplastics find their way into our seas and drinking water systems, damaging both us and the beautiful species we share the planet with. Because it is made from natural fibres, the nylon makeup bag has the fortunate property of being completely biodegradable.

No Hazardous Chemicals

Producing nylon adheres to all of the requirements for organic agriculture and is thus certified. Because of this, the use of harmful substances and creatures that have been genetically modified is prohibited (GMOs). Nylon places a higher priority on the health and well-being of farmers, as well as the health and well-being of their families and communities, by lowering the amount of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the fields and food and water sources. In regions where nylon is cultivated, this results in a lower cancer incidence.

Nylon uses far less water

Since 80 per cent of nylon’s water supply comes from rain, this significantly lessens the strain on the area’s other water supplies. This is necessary to conserve priceless resources for communities that are often disadvantaged due to exploitative enterprises. Nylon requires 88% less water to produce and releases 50% less carbon into the environment than regular cotton.

Raise The Profile Of Your Company

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), consumer packaged products (CPG) advertised as environmentally friendly were responsible for fifty per cent of the increase in CPG from 2013 to 2018. In addition, HBR found that goods with a focus on sustainability marketing brought in 114 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. According to these findings, an increasing number of consumers are using their purchasing power to support businesses and brands that are environmentally conscientious.

Unique, Cost-Efficient, And Useful

Makeup bags that are kind to the environment provide a novel approach for you to market the image of your company. They will help you stand out among other businesses, particularly those using standard pens and mugs as their promotional items. Makeup bags with your unique branding may be personalised and purchased in large quantities at a price that is more than reasonable. You may sell them as a retail item, give them away as a free present with a purchase, or distribute them at trade events. They are also an excellent option for reusable gift bags that can be given to your customers and clients. Certified Nylon cosmetic bags are long-lasting due to their high durability.

Easily Adaptable To Accommodate

There is an almost infinite number of ways in which you may personalise nylon cosmetic bags so that they speak for your company. You can directly print your company logo, artwork, or a creative statement onto the cotton canvas. You also have the option of getting cosmetic bags that have your name embroidered on them. A wide variety of options are available, both in size and form. There are cosmetic bags that are entirely flat, have an all-side gusset, and have an additional fabric dimension at the bottom.



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